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Cable series as a tool to work on your Spanish

When someone is learning Spanish in Chicago or any other city with significant Spanish-speaking demographics, one would think there are many opportunities to strike a conversation with a friendly Latino/a and practice what you have learned in your Spanish classes. The truth is if you don’t have to interact with a monolingual Spanish speaker because of […]

Libre ya de amores

I have always liked Miguel Bosé. This multitalented artist produces high quality pop music. Here is a lyric video of his latest single: Libre ya de amores. Did I mention I am a huge proponent of music as a way to practice your Spanish and develop the muscle memory you need to achieve fluency?

Una mujer con sombrero

Here’s another amazing song in Spanish. From Cuba’s Nueva Trova icon Silvio Rodríguez, this video subtitled will help you practice your Spanish without compromising on the music’s quality.

Gracias a la vida

  Music is a very effective tool to improve your Spanish. There is a lot of great music in the Spanish language. Like this jewel by Mercedes Sosa. Warning: Once the song is done, the subtitles turn to Portuguese.

Apps will help you learn Spanish

Recently, there was an article in the New York Times on language learning smart phone apps.  I think to effectively learn Spanish one needs an “all hands on deck approach” and phone apps happen to be a great resource. Read the full article here

A second language: Your mind’s fountain of youth

In an Op- Ed to the New York Times, William Alexander relates his experience learning a foreign language and its impact on his aging mind: “After a year of struggling with the language, I retook the cognitive assessment, and the results shocked me. My scores had skyrocketed, placing me above average in seven of 10 […]

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